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Could three powder sachets help fight the fatigue of jet lag?

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"Our addiction to flying isn't going away any time soon – despite its devastating environmental impact. In 2019 the total number of commercial flights is forecast to hit its highest ever level: 39.4 million.

While short-haul flights (those lasting under three hours) make up the vast majority of all air travel, long haul journeys are taxing on the body. Humidity in cabins (of less than 20 percent) can lead to dehydration, a lack of movement can increase the chance of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and changing timezones impacts the body's circadian rhythm. The result of flying for hours trapped inside an aluminum tube? Jet lag.

A new startup is now trying to combat some of the impact of jet lag with a series of drinks based on sports science. Based in Denmark, ERW is the combination of chef Hannah Grant and sports scientist Stacy Sims. The pair met after working for professional cycling teams.

"The jet lag part was a massive problem for the riders, the team and the staff," Grant, who used to work at Copenhagen's Noma restaurant, says. "We've designed a physiologically tailored three-step hydration solution that will combat the effects of travel fatigue, jet lag, and dehydration." Grant and Sims, a senior research fellow at the University of Waikato in New Zealand, say that while their 'My Flight Pack' drinks were borne out of creating products for elite athletes, they will also help people traveling long haul for business or holidays."

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Start Fighting Jet Lag

My Flight Pack is a three-step hydration formula, that helps your body cope with the extreme environment and stress your body experiences when flying. Just mix with water and drink before you board, at your first meal and when you arrive. Contains no artificial sweeteners and no artificial flavours.

ERWTaking on Jet Lag
ERWTaking on Jet Lag