"Mission No Jet Lag": How we're aiming to change the way we travel

Experts in their own areas, the founders of ERW brought their unique skill sets together to solve a giant problem.


In order to understand ERW and our revolutionary mission of no jet lag, you first need to understand our story. It begins in 2013, with the meeting of Hannah Grant and Stacy Sims. Trailblazers in their areas of expertise, both were involved in studying and improving the performance of professional cyclists, and they got along instantly.

As a world-renowned chef, Hannah pioneered “performance cooking,” forever changing the way that pro cyclists eat. Stacy’s research in collaboration with Stanford University and USA Cycling led to a revolutionary new generation of hydration products.

Together, they sought out ways to improve the lives of cyclists by reducing the effects of physical stress and dehydration. As part of their study, they looked at how jet lag affects professional athletes who travel the world to compete. During the course of their research, they became aware of the substantial effect dehydration has on the body when flying.

"Mission No Jet Lag"

Spending hours on board an aircraft and flying through several time zones dulls the sharpest of minds, exhausts the fittest of bodies, and ruins the most thoughtfully-prepared plans.

If you’ve ever been on a long-haul flight, chances are you’ve dealt with jet lag. The difficulty sleeping, daytime fatigue, stomach problems, and general “under the weather” feeling all plague hundreds of millions of travelers every year.

After conducting more research, Hannah and Stacy realized that dehydration has a much more significant impact on the body during long-haul flights than was previously thought. This discovery lead them to create ERW’s unique Flight Pack.

It comes in an easy-to-use, three-part package. Simply drink each part at the required time, which will be before, during, and after your flight to stay hydrated, minimize jet lag, and get the most out of your day of arrival. Experience the Flight Pack and get early access to it here. Having no jet lag is as easy as PREP, REST & WAKE.

  • PREP: Think of PREP as “hyper-hydration”.You drink it right before your flight to fill your body up with essential vitamins and minerals. This will be essential in combating jet lag. It basically prepares you to board your flight.
  • REST: REST helps you enter a state of relaxation and make sure your body gets optimal conditions for quality sleep and recovery. You can either consume it during your flight or at your hotel. You’ll enjoy the soothing benefits and quality sleep no matter which one you choose.
  • WAKE: WAKE gets you ready for your first day at your destination. It will help you focus on your preparations for today’s meeting or re-energize after a long flight.

No longer will you have to worry about jet lag, or need to plan around it. The Flight Pack is completely changing the way we travel by addressing the causes of jet lag and allowing you to be ready to go from day one.

Start Fighting Jet Lag

My Flight Pack is a three-step hydration formula, that helps your body cope with the extreme environment and stress your body experiences when flying. Just mix with water and drink before you board, at your first meal and when you arrive. Contains no artificial sweeteners and no artificial flavours.

ERWTaking on Jet Lag
ERWTaking on Jet Lag